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Progressive Community Church Stockton, Ca. is DANGEROUS (Open Letter)

The following EMAIL was sent to Rev. Howard and Pastor Shields on 4/4/15. For whatever reason, they refused to respond, and in the name of transparency I decided to share it with the world (as I have nothing to hide).

Dear Pastor Shields,

          The seriousness of these matters are extreme and I should hope that you take them as such.  They come in love, and with a Christ-like spirit. I pray that you would read every word of this email as to make you a better man, better Christian, better leader, better counselor, better Pastor, and to help fix your Church. No ONE, nor no CHURCH is perfect. If that truth makes you angry or uneasy then we might have even bigger issues that I previously thought. The fact is, we can all get better, we can all grow, and we can all learn. Even you.

A.) You have told my wife that it's ok to have unrepentant homosexuals as friends:

I have spoken to numerous biblical scholars on this matter, as well as prominent Christian theologians, who whole heartedly d…