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Atheism is a Religion

Thank you for checking out this blog.  Below you will find formal argumentation which proves once and for all, that Atheism, is in fact, it's own religion. We will be using all standard definitions, and many different resources as to be fair, while remaining as neutral as possible. God bless.

The REAL definition of Atheism:

Atheism: The view that GOD does not exist.

Atheist: A person that holds to the view that GOD does not exist. A person who maintains that there is no God.

To get into this further watch these videos!!!

The FAULTY definition of Atheism that many atheists use:

Atheism: The lack of belief in God. The denial or disbelief that any god exists.

Atheist: A person who chooses to deny or disbelieve a god exists. (A person who freely chooses to BELIEVE that NO god exists.)

DONT Allow atheists to lie and use the faulty definition of their position. However, even if they maintain their dishonesty, l…

The J-Bone Argument (Official)


'The J-Bone Argument" is a formal argument developed in late 2014  by Christian apologist Chad A. Elliott (widely known as the Atheist Killa or AK ).  Mr. Elliott notes [[William Lane Craig]], [[Alvin Plantinga]], [[Thomas Aquinas]], [[Al-Ghazali]] and other well known [[Christian apologists]] as his inspiration for developing this argument.  He also claims that his argument has never been defeated and will take on any challengers who wish to try and defeat him.

The formal argument

P1. Existence cannot be eternal, come from Pure Nothingness, or  be the product a non-personal mindless cause.

P2. A personal mind who brings  existence into being is called God

C.  God brought existence into being

What is EXISTENCE? The fact that things exist, the first thing that began to exist, existence came into being at that moment.

Defending the premises:
[[Infinite/Infinity]] - defines ''infinite'' as 1.) Having no boundaries or limits…