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Jason Petersen 'Answers For Hope' Proven LIAR and failed LOGIC

May 30 2015

It has been brought to my attention that a Jason Petersen from 'Answers For Hope' has attempted to refute TEA (The Elliott Argument). His complete and utter failure can be seen at the following website.

The fact remains that THE ELLIOTT ARGUMENT has never been defeated, cannot be defeated, and continues to dismantle anyone who attempts to refute it.  In the following blog, watch Jason Petersen get intellectually destroyed. 

If Mr. Petersen ever changes his mind and wants to accept my live real time public debate challenge (on neutral grounds), with rules and moderators, I would be happy to destroy him. God bless -

I will now get into the destruction of Mr. Petersen and his failed rebuttal word for word. His work will be posted in // // followed by my responses in BLUE. 

//This blog post is to be a response to Chad Elliott’s ‘Elliott Argument’ for the existence of God…

The London Argument


P1:  If there's encoded information in DNA then human beings were created by an intelligent mind
P2:  There is encoded information in DNA
T:    Human beings were designed by an intelligent mind