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Christopher Hartsil RUNS

BREAKING NEWS:: Christopher HartsilRUNS FROM LIVE DEBATE against Renowned Christian Apologist (Atheist Killa)!!!

OPENING: Random Facebook atheist (who goes by the name Christopher Hartsil) has been challenged to a live real time public debate against the Atheist Killa on neutral grounds (more than 175 times). And no, that is not a Typo!! More than 175 times this individual (Mr. Hartsil) has proven his cowardice, and for that we thank it remains further proof and evidence that TEA (The Elliott Argument) has destroyed atheism.

THE ISSUE: Mr. Hartsil has repeatedly declined these challenges from the Atheist Killa, citing his refusal to verify true identity. Sad, but true. He is yet another pathetic atheist in a long line of cowards put on the run by the AK and The Elliott Argument.

THE EVIDENCE: Mr. Hartsil has made over 65 fake facebook profiles, and over 25 facebook (pages), dedicating his worthless life, illogical lies, and irrational delusions to the Atheist Killa. On thes…

Raymond Bane RUNS

Mr. Raymond Bane, is another cowardly FB atheist who was banned from Atheism Dismantled after failing to follow page rules and accept my live debate challenge.  Since then, Mr. Bane has been repeatedly and consistently intellectually destroyed by me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!...This has nearly become a daily occurrence, producing evidence of his intellectual inferiority more times than anyone cares to keep track of...But unfortunately, those victories have all been in small informal facebook discussions...

But today is your lucky day Mr. Bane!! Because it's so fun destroying you, and because I am so confident in my position, I want to have a live, real time, public debate with you on neutral grounds so I can humiliate and destroy you even further!! This time in a public neutral real time venue for everyone to witness!!...Aren't you excited?? Of course you're not...Because…