Support of The Elliott Argument

This BLOG is Under Heavy Construction. It's going to take time to start documenting all the names of the people who support this argument as there are many thousands. Please bare with us as we generate this list.

The following is a short list of people, pages, and websites who support TEA, and or publically admit its soundness and validity!! We appreciate you backing The Elliott Argument and supporting our work. AK

Nataly Nam
Mercedes Nesbitt
Evolution is a religion of origins (3k Likes)
GC SCIENCE (800k Likes)
Charles Tingler
Freedom From Atheism Foundation (400k Likes)
Sye Ten Bruggencate
David Wells
Eren Jaeger
Logan Davis
Thomas Gudde
Mario R. Rincón Díaz
Connie Aderman
Urosh Ratkovic
Chris ForToday
Bill Barnes
Kevin Smith
Stephan Meyers
Jandy Lopez
John Canary
Bradley Lepping
LaDonna Rae Eastland-Hebbe
Linn Marie Clark
Robert Weiss
Ryan Tan
Chris Digirolamo
Carla Sagan
Charlisse Foster
Darren Morris





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