Argument for God from Intentionality.

Under Heavy contruction**

Argument for God from Intentionality

1. If God did not exist, [then] intentional states of consciousness would not exist.
2. But intentional states of consciousness do exist!
3. Therefore, God exists.

Common Rebuttals

[[God has intentional states of consciousness and his didn't need to be created]] - There is NO mechanism that would prevent an all knowing, all powerful, supernatural, unchanging, immaterial, personal mind, from having intentional states of consciousness. Contrast that with the fact that there is NO natural process or mechanism which can account for a material object (such as a brain) from having intentional state o...f consciousness.

Moreover, one can postulate that there is no sequence of events to Gods thought processes (as he is ALL KNOWING). Meaning all of his thoughts would exist together at the same instant. He would not have to think about one thing, and then later think about the next. This would hint at the fact that he has does not have intentionality at all or in the same way we do. Rather some sort of eternal (or timeless) intention for every event.


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