Raymond Bane RUNS

Mr. Raymond Bane, is another cowardly FB atheist who was banned from Atheism Dismantled after failing to follow page rules and accept my live debate challenge.  Since then, Mr. Bane has been repeatedly and consistently intellectually destroyed by me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!...This has nearly become a daily occurrence, producing evidence of his intellectual inferiority more times than anyone cares to keep track of...But unfortunately, those victories have all been in small informal facebook discussions...

But today is your lucky day Mr. Bane!! Because it's so fun destroying you, and because I am so confident in my position, I want to have a live, real time, public debate with you on neutral grounds so I can humiliate and destroy you even further!! This time in a public neutral real time venue for everyone to witness!!...Aren't you excited?? Of course you're not...Because like most atheists, you surely were born without a spine...Because of this, I am nearly 100% sure will make excuse as to why you will not face me in a live ONE on ONE real time public debate...To that I say: Debate me live and quit making excuses or------>>>> YOU LOSE (Yet again).

PS. - If you're too scared to debate the AK LIVE, then I challenge you to submit a formal written refutation to my argument, which we will then post (it in its entirety) on Atheism Dismantled for the world to witness...I own you Raymond, and everyone sees you are scared of me.

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Here are some questions that Mr. Bane refuses to answer about his proposed third option. Should he ever wish to engage in a live debate make sure you grill him with these.

1.) Does your option require B-Theory of time?  If Yes, B Theory of time has been defeated and we can stop here.(See here: http://theatheistkilla.blogspot.com/2014/09/b-theory-of-time-fails.html

2.) Is the brane all that originally existed or did something else exist with the brane? He refuses to answer this and continually repeats "The brane exists." lol

3.) What are the properties of this brane. What is it made of, etc?  Mr. Bane has responded with, "the brane is immaterial, it's not made of anything." If that's true then the brane is immaterial and spaceless. Something that is immaterial must also be spaceless because space is something!! (http://www.superrelativity.org/html/OuterSpace_SR.html) . So Mr. Bane I need you to admit your option spaceless, timeless, unchanging, impersonal (has no mind) & immaterial.

4.) I need Mr. Bane to give me a step by step process/ demonstration of how the universe gets created in this option. He refuses to write out a step by step process (starting with step 1 where all that exists in the brane), or make a video demonstration so we can all understand what he's actually asserting.

5.) He expressed that the brane was eternal (without true beginning), but he hasn't explained exactly how his eternal cause of the universe (brane) could exist without its effect, since it doesn't have the capability to withhold intention. (only a free agent can account for the origin of a temporal effect from a timeless cause.  If the cause of the universe were an impersonal (UCNPC), mechanically operating cause, then the cause could never exist without its effect.  For if the sufficient condition of the effect is given, then the effect must be given as well. The only way for the cause to be timeless, but for its effect to begin in time, is for the cause to be a PERSONAL agent who freely chooses to create an effect in time, without any antecedent determining conditions.http://youtu.be/V4UEYHiBFjw)

6.) Tell me how your timeless, eternal, spaceless, immaterial, unchanging brane can change, since we know time is a necessary component of change.

**Questions about a photon in empty space - A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, even when static via virtual photons.

1.) Just because you cannot measure the speed of a photon in empty space does not mean there is no speed.  Also, if it is moving, that is an event which requires time. Just like change in its potentiality, momentum, transfer of energy, etc.

2.)  You asserted the photon could be still. Can you please link me to a site which proves the photon could be still, as its my understanding that absolute stillness is impossible.

3.) If the photon was absolutely still and just sitting there in empty space then no change could occur. Time is a requirement for change unless the photon had a personal mind where it with-holds timeless intention.

4.) Raymond, you claim that general relativity is non-existence if a single photon existed in empty space (because there are no points of reference). But this simply is not true. If you were small enough to sit on one edge of this elementary particle, and I was small enough to sit on another edge of the particle, our reference frames to the middle would be different.



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