Christopher Hartsil RUNS

BREAKING NEWS:: Christopher Hartsil RUNS FROM LIVE DEBATE against Renowned Christian Apologist (Atheist Killa)!!!

OPENING: Random Facebook atheist (who goes by the name Christopher Hartsil) has been challenged to a live real time public debate against the Atheist Killa on neutral grounds (more than 175 times). And no, that is not a Typo!! More than 175 times this individual (Mr. Hartsil) has proven his cowardice, and for that we thank it remains further proof and evidence that TEA (The Elliott Argument) has destroyed atheism.

THE ISSUE: Mr. Hartsil has repeatedly declined these challenges from the Atheist Killa, citing his refusal to verify true identity. Sad, but true. He is yet another pathetic atheist in a long line of cowards put on the run by the AK and The Elliott Argument.

THE EVIDENCE: Mr. Hartsil has made over 65 fake facebook profiles, and over 25 facebook (pages), dedicating his worthless life, illogical lies, and irrational delusions to the Atheist Killa. On these sites, Mr. Hartsil repeatedly lies to his audience and claims he has in fact accepted the Atheist Killa's debate challenge, only to run away time and time again when pressed for his TRUE IDENTITY. 

CONCLUSION: Because of this we accept victory, and remind pathetic Mr. Hartsil that if he ever wants to tangle with the AK in a live debate, he must first show us he has enough courage to provide his true identity.  Its sad that atheists are now so afraid of the AK they won't even provide their true identity for debate. How can you blame them though right?? After all, who wants to be publicly humiliated in a live debate using their true name. Apparently not Mr. Hartsil.

#Atheism has been silenced!! #Who is man enough to debate TEA live using their true identity?? #NO ONE!! HAHA

Why atheists must Verify True Identity before debate:

Fair Debate Rules that apply to BOTH parties:

Update: We found out who Christopher Hartsil really is. His name is Andrew Lowe and he is apparently from Arizona. Link to his page coming soon.


  1. I've personally been involved with this assclown for over a year. "Christopher" started under the name "Ethan Metzger" (FAKE) and regularly impersonates Behe, Meyers, Dembski, Ham (etc) on facebook and tuns a fradulent group called "Official Page" which he stole both the name and cover art.

    My investigation also lead me to believe that Andrew Lowe was behind the frauds, so I'm curious to see if you have any hard evidence for that claim?

  2. I've been trying to locate this individual who allegedly has creationists shaking in their boots. But to no avail. I suspect he is just one in a long line of walking strawman argument machines that I have encountered on Youtube. I have encountered some of his troll supporters who have nothing to offer but vacuous rhetoric and the usual ad hominems. And by the looks of what I see here, I'm probably wasting my time trying to connect with him. I'm always looking for challenging dialogues with Darwinist types, but there doesn't seem to be very many around.

    1. Ed Wite, Hartsil is still around. He operates under a number of fake profiles, most recently the following:

      Tammy Gray
      Tammy Grayson
      Joseph Gallman
      Joseph White
      and perhaps, Edward Bundy.

      He is a seriously psychotic individual, a bigoted racist and a sexist - when it suits him. I've been battling him for 3 or 4 years. And I am an evolutionary biologist. He does not represent me or any of the people I know who are evolutionary scientists. He has no morals nor ethics.


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